Twin Oaks Home Inspection LLC


Do I need an Engineer or a Home Inspector?

You need a home inspector. When you hire me as your home inspector, you are hiring an experienced professional who has training and experience in the building industry. It is my job to not only evaluate the condition of the house's major systems and structural integrity, but also to evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced. If it makes you feel better, I do have a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I give you the Big Picture analysis of the house you are purchasing. If I identify the need for a costly, detailed analysis of any of the houses' systems or structures,  I will recommend the appropriate professional, which may be an experienced engineer with expertise analyzing that particular system or structure. The need for this kind of expensive, detailed analysis is rare.

Hiring a Professional Engineer on your own can be a disappointing experience. The term Professional Engineer does not mean that the individual has training or experience conducting home inspections. Additionally, a home inspection does not involve engineering analysis. Therefore, hiring a Professional Engineer to complete a home inspection undoubtedly costs more, but it may not give you the results you desire and deserve.