Twin Oaks Home Inspection LLC 

If you are buying a home with a septic system, you should consider having the tank and leach field inspected by a professional septic contractor.  To properly inspect the system, the contractor will need to dig holes to access the underground parts of the system. This will include inspecting the tank, as well as the leach field.  If a septic system plan from the owner or Realtor is available to locate the system, this can be beneficial to the inspector, especially when snow covers the ground and heavy frost is in the soil.

If you do not have a specific Septic Company for your inspection, I can arrange to have one of the premier companies in the State (Kent Septic in Central and Southern areas or Byron's in the Plymouth areas) complete that inspection for you.  Just let me know when you schedule your home inspection.

  • Kent Septic will check the septic tank to see what it is made out of (concrete or steel).
  • In the tank the technician checks the water level and the condition of the inlet baffle and outlet baffle.
  • Wastewater is introduced into the septic tank to make sure the system is accepting fluid properly.
  • An area is dug in the leaching field to check the color of the rocks and the sand, and to make sure the system is draining properly.
  • At the time of the inspection the technician will advise you whether or not the septic tank needs to be cleaned.
  • The technician will go over everything verbally at the time of the inspection and answer any questions you may have of the system.
  • Payment is due at the time of the inspection. (cash, check, visa, master card)

Kent Septic then follows up with a two page written report e-mailed to you the next business day.